Important dates


17–18 March

The first post-war parliamentary election in Finland. The age limit is decreased: now all those who are 21 or older are allowed to vote. The turnout is a little under 75 per cent. The Social Democrats win 50 seats, the Finnish People’s Democratic League 49, the Agrarian League 49, the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) 28, the Swedish People’s Party 14 and the Progress Party 9 seats and the Swedish Left gets one seat. Communists are given ministerial positions in the government.

27 April

The war in Lapland ends as the last German troops leave.

5 May

The parliament passes the Land Acquisition Act, which applies to Karelian evacuees who have lost their farms, men who fought on the front, war invalids, war widows and war orphans.

24 September

495 children are born – an all-time record in Finnish history.

11 December

Mika Waltari’s novel The Egyptian is published.