Important dates


15 February

Nicholas II issues the February Manifesto, which significantly narrows Finland’s autonomy.

20 June

Nicholas II lets it be known, through Bobrikov, that he is dissatisfied with the criticism directed at the Russification measures and urges the Governor-General to take action so that the population will understand the importance of strengthening the link between the Empire and the Grand Duchy.

26 June

An international delegation arrives in St. Petersburg to hand petitions for Finland, signed by 1,063 notable scientists, to Emperor Nicholas II.

2 July

Russian Interior Minister Goremykin tells the delegation of scientists that the Emperor will not grant them an audience and that petitions sent in the mail will not be received.

17–20 July

The Finnish Workers’ Party is established at the Workers’ Associations Assembly in Turku.

20 July

A new decree on association transfers the ratification of the rules of all new associations from the Finnish Senate to the Emperor.