Important dates


13 March

A peace treaty is signed in Moscow, ending the Winter War. Finland has to surrender the Karelian Isthmus and parts of Salla, Kuusamo and Petsamo. The Hanko area, including several islands, is rented to the Soviet Union as a military base. During the Winter War, more than 26,000 men lost their lives, two-thirds of them under 30 years of age. Soviet air raids killed nearly 900 civilians. The Red Army lost nearly 127,000 men, who were either killed or went missing in action.

18 August

Field Marshal Mannerheim meets German Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Veltjens, who tells that the company he represents is willing to sell weapons to Finland. Veltjens also makes a proposal on the transit of German troops through Finland to Norway.

12 September

Finland signs an agreement with Germany on the transportation of German troops through Finland to northern Norway. The close political ties between the two countries grow stronger.

25 November

The Soviet Union demands that Germany withdraw all its troops from Finland. Germany does not reply to the Soviet Union’s note.