Important dates


1 October

Finland introduces new postage stamps designed by Eliel Saarinen, the architect. A lion motif replaced the imperial two-headed eagle on the stamps.

1–2 October

A parliamentary election is held: non-socialist parties win 108 seats, and the Social Democrats 92 seats out of 200.

3 October

The Constitutional Committee’s report proposes that Finland should be a republic with the power divided between the president and the parliament. A common foreign policy with Russia proposed in the report raises criticism.

18 October

A meeting of the leaders of the SDP and SAJ decides on pursuing the establishment of an official Red Guard. It is hoped that the Red Guard troops will receive weapons from the Russians.

20 October

The trade union council gives its approval to the working-class guard.

24 October

The rules of the Workers’ Guard are published.

27 October

S/S Equity brings the first group of Jaegers trained in Germany and an arms shipment to Ostrobothnia.