Important dates


2 June

According to the revised bread rations, you can get 100 grams of soft bread and 80 grams of flour a day.

4–7 June

The total number of Red prisoners of war in the prison camps is 74,048. Of the total number, 69,971 are men and 4,077 women.

11 June

The Senate presents to the parliament a proposal for a constitution based on a monarchy. The German troops had remained in the country. Monarchists believe that in order to secure the support of Germany, Finland needs to have a monarchist form of government.

12 June

Wilhelm II, German Emperor, announces that his son cannot accept the Finnish throne.

18 June

The state criminal courts start processing cases. The parliament passes a law “on the use of a suspended sentence in certain cases.” According to the law, sentences of up to three years may be suspended.

19 June

The Senate appoints 70 new state crime courts, because the original number, 20 courts, was not enough to deal with all the cases.

27 June

Finnish schools are no longer obliged to teach Russian.

28 June

A Department of External Affairs (i.e. Foreign Ministry) is established in the Senate.

The Senate orders that rebels who do not pose a risk to society are to be released on parole.