Important dates


3 April

The Russian provisional government appoints P. E. Svinhufvud as Procurator.

4 April

The parliament, elected in the summer of 1916, convenes for the first parliament session of 1917. The Social Democrats have a majority in the parliament with their 103 seats. The parliament session is opened by M. S. Stakhovich, who has been appointed Governor-General by the Russian provisional government.

5 April

Kullervo Manner, a Social Democrat, is elected Speaker of the Parliament.

15 April

The train carrying V. I. Lenin and his entourage arrives at the border in Tornio. Lenin reaches St. Petersburg the next day.

18 April

Strikes break out across the country. The Council of the Finnish Trade Union Federation decides that the eight-hour working day must be implemented in all fields of work by 1 May. In the metal industry, working time is shortened as a result of metal workers’ strike, which starts on 18 April.

20 April

Oskari Tokoi, Vice Chairman of the Senate Finance Department (Prime Minister), gives a speech in the parliament, in which he says that Finland should seek independence.

23 April

In Helsinki, rationing books for bread are introduced and distributed to 200,000 recipients.