Important dates


29 October

The general strike in Russia spreads to Finland.

30 October

Representatives of constitutionalists and workers hold a meeting that does not reach a consensus on the main objectives.

The Senate holds a private meeting – the members feel that they have received a motion of no confidence and decide to file a resignation with the Emperor.

Tsar Nicholas II announces that Russia has become a constitutional monarchy.

31 October

Governor-General Ivan Obolensky receives the delegations of both the constitutionalists and the workers’ conference and agrees to file his resignation.

1 November

A ship called Eläköön starts for St. Petersburg to convey to the Governor-General a declaration prepared by the constitutionalists in Helsinki. In Tampere, Yrjö Mäkelin’s “Declaration for the Finnish People” is published. It is called the “red declaration” because of the colour of the paper it is printed on. The declaration calls for the resignation of the Senate, state autonomy within Russia and the establishment of a parliamentary system based on universal and equal suffrage.

4 November

Nicholas II signs the “Declaration for the Finnish people” which repeals the 1899 February Manifesto.

24–30 December

The Russian Social Democratic Party conference takes place in Tampere. At the conference, Joseph Stalin meets V. I. Lenin for the first time. Tampere is selected as the venue partly because there were no Russian troops in the city.