Important dates


1 May

An abstinence action declared by the temperance movement begins. By the end of 1898, some 70,000 people sign the pledge, promising to refrain from drinking or serving alcohol.

24 May

Rural municipalities are obliged to divide their territory into primary school districts, which quickly increases the number of schools.

29 August

Nicholas II, Grand Duke of Finland, appoints Nikolay Ivanovich Bobrikov as Finland’s new Governor-General.

24 November

Governor-General Bobrikov presents to the Emperor an extensive Russification programme, including the revision of textbooks and school curricula, increasing the use of Russian in government agencies, adoption of a common currency and customs service, and the opening of posts to Russians. In addition, Bobrikov estimates that by improving the living conditions of the landless population it is possible to make them see the Russians in a more favourable light.